Five reasons to style your home for sale

Updated: Jan 24

When you sell your home you want to present your home in a way that is appealing to potential buyers and that is where a professional property stylist comes in.

If you are wondering why hire a professional property stylist, then let’s look at these five benefits of home styling.

Sell your home faster

A buyer usually decides whether they like a property in the first 30 secs, so that big first impression has an enormous impact on whether your property has the potential to sell fast or not.

Even before you contact an agent to organise inspections and get photos taken for property listing, you want your house to look spectacular.

A professional home stylist will objectively look at your property and style it to suit the type of buyers you are targeting. They will ensure that your home looks like the property your buyers want and will create beautiful living spaces with the right colours, textures, furniture and accessories, ensuring quick appeal and a fast sale.

Make more money

You obviously want more money on the sale of your home, which is possible when your property appeals instantly to buyers.

Property styling can help you do just that. Professional styling will display your home with elegance and appeal that opens up spaces, making them look spacious and inviting.

A professionally staged property will fetch a higher price in the market according to 85% of agents surveyed recently. According to them, a property will fetch 2.5 percent more on the sale price of the property.

Recoup your investment

Property styling can make your home look more appealing, attract the right buyer and puts you in a position to ask for a greater price, thus ensuring a greater return on your investment.

A well-styled home looks great in the photos, ensuring more visitors to view your property, and it also wows potential buyers instantly.

And the best part? You can recoup the investment on home styling too when you sell your well-staged home effortlessly!